What's in the Box?

In a game I’m running I have this crate that my players have stolen from an Imperial Base. This cargo is said to hold something that can turn the tide in favor of the Rebels on Antar 4 (This is during the Antar Atrocity time period)

However, I have no idea what I’m going to put inside, and the time is fast approaching for my players to learn what is inside. So, that’s where you, the reader, come into play. What’s something that will hurt the Empire so badly that they will leave Antar 4 completely?

Anything goes, even persons. The crate is the size of the crates we see loaded on the back of the Hovertanks in Rogue One but are not of the same type. Just your normal box lid and lock type of container.

Any help Is greatly appreciated!

Big Ion Bomb (like take out a whole army’s gear big)

A decommissioned Super Tactical Droid (with loads of victories under his belt)

Officer code cylinders, (allowing back door access to the orbiting fleet’s systems, or a secret entrance to an Impreial facility thay can ve destroyed)

Many Bothans

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From wookieepedia

"The battle Antar 4

The ensuing battle caused the deaths of many Rangers, Jedi, and civilians. The Jedi were forced to resort to setting off an electromagnetic pulse weapon, which caused intense pain and disorientation amongst the Gotals. This allowed the Jedi to seize the moment and claim victory."

So maybe they found a Electromagnetic pulse weapon.