Whats your favorite starship?

Pretty simple conversation prompt, what’s your favorite ship? what made it stand out for you?

For me its the YV-560. Not only does it share a lot of traits with the legendary YT series but it has some of the finest sensors of any ship of its size. A Well equipped YT-560 can hyper into the edge of a planetary system and passively detect massive amount of data because of its long range sensor suite.

Because communications suites share a range with sensors this ship is usually good for enhancing the comms systems with enhancements like the Advanced Subspace Encryption Array. Enhancing the ship so it can sit on the edge of a system and passively sense traffic and transmit that info covertly to encrypted relays where your buddies can use your insight is a pretty cool idea. While its possible to turn this ship into something that can fight, its ability to see and communicate is its real gift. My advice, give it the best stealth and comms you can give it, staff it with people who can work on side projects over time and use it to gather knowledge and listen in on Imp channels.

Anyway, I love this ship. What’s your favorite?


It’s hard to pick a favorite, but one of mine is the G9 Rigger, surprisingly enough. It’s a hunk of junk by most criteria, but its rear bay is big enough to hold a starfighter if you have a generous GM (i.e., me XD) and that gives a good degree of tactical flexibility.

If a starfighter isn’t desired, I really like the PB-950 Patrol Boat. It’s beefy, well-armed, and has plenty of both cargo and living space. It’s also decently moddable, making it fairly flexible as well.

For an honorable mention, the Luxury 3000 Space Yacht. I’ve never gotten to use it in a campaign as player or GM, but it could work well as an actual luxury yacht for Diplomat/Colonist/Explorer-type games or, and this is what I’d really like to see, a glass-cannon gunboat meant to surprise enemies with intense firepower. With heavy laser cannons and missiles, it would pack quite a long-range punch.

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Too hard to pick, so I’ll pik a few by category.

Very tough competition, but I’ll go with the Eta-class interceptor. It just has everything; the cool corellian cockpit, unfolding s-foils, astromech socket, and that overall sweet blend of A-wing and TIE Interceptor features.

While the Loronar E-9 and Ghtroc 720 both are near and dear to my heart you just cant beat the good old Lambda-class shuttle. Sleek, classy and bristling with guns. If it’s good enough for the emperor, it’s good enough for me.

I love the the G-1A and U-wing equally. Don’t make me choose. That’s just cruel.

Capital ships
Consular-class cruiser beats out the Braha’tok gunship, but only just.

Honorable mention
The ARC-170, because it’s like an X-wing, only it’s a chonky boi with extra s-foils and enough room for some friends.

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I’ve found a few new loves, despite the fact that I love the YV-560 there are a few new ships that really stand out as great options.

The C-ROC Gozanti-class Light Cruiser is a galaxy travelling workhorse that can be modded to do anything you need if you have the time, and the price tag is absurdly low for all you get.


The only issue I have with it is that it has stock retractable guns, stock retractable guns are an incredibly dumb idea, you want the guns to pop out as a surprise not as part of the package with the undercoating. The neat thing is anything is in reach on this ship, its shields start strong and can be made stronger, its armor is thick, it starts moderately slow but one build point can make it fast. All this with a price of under 200K is pretty insane.

Yeah, the C-ROC is a bit … broken. It’s flat-out better than the other Gozantis—sometimes extremely so—with the exception of a smaller sensor range, and it’s less expensive.

I’m a big fan of the CEC Deep Space Recovery Vessel L-2783. So much utility and color.


Y-Wing for the starfighters. Loved it as a kid, and even in the battle miniatures game (where they do the maneuver dial a bit restrictive) I still liked it.

For transports I like the YV-929 Armed Freighter (blockade runner)

Capital ships, I like the Tantive IV from ANH.


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If your talking SWRPG I like the VCX-100 Light Freighter because of it’s looks and layout. Plus I think it’s a good size ship for a party.

Now if your talking movie ships. Then it would be a Star Destroyer. Just because of the opening scene in New Hope. The size alone was so impressive. It was such an unique looking ship at the time.

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