A Comprehensive Guide to Mandalorian Armor

Mandalorian armor is not only practical, but also deeply cultural. Accordingly, there is great potential for RP and characterization with not only how the character treats the armor, but down to the level of how the armor is designed.

As many of you know, I will occasionally write long-winded articles describing things like Star Wars economics or how armor protects the wearer from various forms of attack, but multiplying that by my passion for Mandalorians, I took it up a notch and wrote a 25,000 word article detailing “The Use, Design, and Wear of Mandalorian Armor,” which I posted on Archive of Our Own (AO3).

While I had originally intended to write up something to post here, I swiftly realized that was not practical, as the “article” is longer than some non-fiction books.

I hope some of you find it useful, and I would love to discuss it with all of you. As you can well tell, it is a topic near and dear to my cold metal heart.


Does the game armours reflect the Mandalorian breakdown you outlined?

Would you make any changes to the listed armour available?

The four(-ish) variants of the armor we have in the game are all perfectly serviceable from a mechanical standpoint.

The fluff is entirely up to the player and GM, and some “soft abilities” of a narrative nature might be granted, such as a HUD capture.

While one can argue the price or whether certain semi-mechanical features are present, game design at the very least dictates that some form of balance must be maintained, and it is good to not overcomplicate things.

A small additional note is that some “Mandalorian armor” might actually be Laminate Armor, or some other armor, not necessarily the trademarked “Mandalorian Armor” from Collapse of the Republic and No Disintegrations.

But no, I wouldn’t change anything.

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Thanks for creating this, I’ll have to give it a read sometime.

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