"Always in motion is the future" - Spoilers & Speculation Thread!

Hello all,

With a new wave of Star Wars content ready to sweep in over the next few years, from movies to TV shows to video games and more, what could this mean for our favourite tabletop RPG?

Let’s use this thread to talk about what we want to see in potential future books. What possibilities are you most excited about? Which areas of the Star Wars universe do you think the RPG should explore next?

Put on your speculation caps and get theorising!


I’m still holding out hope for a sequel era sourcebook. Like 1-2 years pre TFA or in the year after TLJ. It’s rife for lore exploration about the state of the galaxy, and I’m super curious to explore all the potential threads. Early in one of my campaigns I used Solo’s delivery of Rathtar to King Prana (Grevoth Prana IX | Wookieepedia | Fandom) as a plot hook for the players to deliver their own dangerous animals.

Lots of stuff to be done with the Unknown Regions, the fledgling governance of the New Republic as briefly seen in the Mandalorian, and the renaissance of the Resistance post TLJ. It’s a cool era where there are restraints, but not so much where you have to really plan timeline wise about where your story can fit in canonically. Very freeing!

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TBH I’m not really excited for the idea, but most probably sequel era. The new movies, the games, books, all explored this area. It’s safe to assume that sooner or later RPG followes this too.
I’d be interested in a regional or thematical book based on the mandalorian though. That would be great addition to the Edge product line!

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A continuation of the anthology books (example: Gears & Gadgets). Races & Careers book? Planets book? Could be a good way for the new company to drag in some quick cash with smaller effort, since they would just be grabbing old stuff from previous books. I would buy these up quickly. It’s much easier then trying to recall which book something came from.

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“Species and Specializations”


I would love to see a High Republic sourcebook, though I imagine we need more info on the era first.

I like the idea of a Planet book, with Gazeteers for important locations on different worlds. That could be neat.

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Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they release a revised edition, with the adjustments of Genesys incorporated. Edge isn’t just FFG in a mask, just focusing on primarily reaching an English-speaking market, but a primarily French publishing branch of Asmodee that handles translation into multiple languages. They already produce multiple different RPGs in a few languages. A single revised CRB is logistically a lot easier to translate and produce into multiple languages than three separate ones.

So if they come out with a revised CRB that dispenses with the three lines philosophy and maybe even the era focus, they could do one book across multiple markets rather than trying to do a bunch. And it would mostly be backwards compatible with already produced material; just throw out a supplementary PDF that has conversion suggestions.


I’m hoping for a rules update compendium (akin to a Genesys-like update, based on the tweaks required to rectify the flaws of the system), not revised CRBs for every line (nor one massive that updates each line’s CRB).

I’m also hoping for:

Twillight of the Republic: an era sourcebook (set about 40 BBY): my preference would be a main focus on EotE, and classic pre-war Jedi.

Reign of the Emperor: an era sourcebook (set about 8-10 BBY): my preference would be a main focus on EotE, and some on F&D - AoR would also work, but it’s still early days.

Light of the Republic: an era sourcebook (High Republic era): just gimme!

Empire Fallen: an era sourcebook (set about 10 years or so after the Battle of Endor): Just gimme, but preferred focus on EotE and F&D.

Then I’m also hoping for more genre books, akin to the sector books, but with more focus on extended modular encounters, made in the vein of Coriolis’ and Mutant Year Zero scenario compendiums. Focus on: 1) various priate/smuggler/bounty hunter scenarios; 2) exploration and colonisation scenarios, 3) insurrection and rebellion scenarios, etc.


Specs and Species sounds a bit more tight.

Also, as Ubisoft got a Star Wars game, there’s hope again for PDFs for us!

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PDFs! Yes, I want this. And a phone app for character creation similar to Fight Club for D&D.

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Bluntly, I think the most likely outcome is they quit making new sourcebooks. It’s unfortunate, but the writing looks on the wall, to me at least.

I hope not.

Let’s see what news there may be when they launch the new website, sometime … soon™…

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I would love tosee something that touches at least in a little bit of detail oif the life in the Empire, how soldiers do their duty, how the Imperial Security Breau works, life aboard a Star Destroyer maybe ? Maybe even squad tactics for stormtroopers ?

We seem to be getting more and more stuff focused strictly on the Rebellion, but when you think about it, the Empire might be big and evil to a small rebellion. We’ve never seen it really from the side of the Empire

Dont get me wrong. Its just I feel that there is too much stuff and they’re leaving the Empire in the dust when it comes to books.

EDIT: I have a book called The Jedi Path, its part of a series that includes the Bounty Hunter Code, The Book of the Sith, and The Imperial Handbook. So given there is 1 book for Sith, and 1 book, evne though a simple handbook for an Imperial officer or even cadet. we dont really get to see that side of the story much. if at all

I guess its just me though


I’d support this!
I have the Imperial book and it does a fantastic job building up the Empire from inside (it’s written like a handbook of the Tarkin Doctrine).
Gathering the contents of that could make a great sector book.
It comes up feom time to time, I really don’t get why they won’t touch the subject.
Maybe they are afraid to release a book from Imperial viewpoint cause someone would twist it and found offensive?

In our Discord RP we hope to have an Imperial side of things. We might be stuck with the normal careers and such as presented in the three game lines directly, but we, that is, @P-47Thunderbolt and I, have figured out how to adapt and homebrew a few Imperial Flaire bits into the exsisting careers.

So far its working out. I just gotta finish the Inquistors… {third sister, second sister, Grand Mother… oh wait I forgot my Jedi turned KDY owner killed her…}


I’d love to see some more adventures, or even a campaign. Our group generally play written adventures, so a few more would have been nice. But truth be told, I don’t think they’ll release any new adventures.

If I had to venture a guess, I believe new Era sourcebooks are the most likely. They are stand-alone and work with all three lines.

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Have you tried converting adventures from previous Star Wars RPGs?

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I’ve done that a lot for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, where I’ve converted adventures from first and second edtion to third edition.

Both Star Wars and Warhammer 3ed from FFG feel quite easy to convert, and possible to do more or less on the fly. The narrative focus of the games and the dice mechanic somehow makes conversions quite smooth.

In our current Star Wars game I’m not the GM, but it’s a great suggestion. I’ll pass it on to my GM.

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I don’t really feel the need for whole campaign books as they are usually end up being heavily modified anyway.

However I very much liked the format in the Lords of Nal Hutta where they wrote 5 smaller (3-4 pages) modular adventures. They are interesting, flexible. It is the perfect format I think.

A little less good, the ideas in the Allies and Adversaries / Starships and Something. Those 1-2 paragraphs / NPCs - vehicles are less useful, but still not bad to start the creative works.


Droid book like Scavenger’s Guide to Droids from Saga Edition. I’d love to see different droid “species” (Labor Droid, Protocol Droid, etc.), Droid-specific cybernetics, Droid-specific gear and so on. Maybe even a droid universal specs.