"Always in motion is the future" - Spoilers & Speculation Thread!

That sounds interesting! I can’t really picture a droid spec tree, but having “species” for different droid could be great!

I can’t believe this hasn’t been thought of before. That’s a great idea to have several Droid species instead of just one.

Protocol, Astromech, Labor, and Assassin perhaps? You could easily adjust base Characteristics and Thresholds on those alone. Then add a granted skill for each at rank 1?

Protocol gets Presence bumped up, Astromech Intelligence, Labor gets Brawn, Assassin Agility, that sort of thing. Then Protocol gets granted Knowledge and/or Charm at rank 1, Astromech gets both Mechanics and/or Astrogation, but gets a movement quality penalty (wheels vs legs). Assassin gets at least one combat skill at rank 1. Labor perhaps gets no skills at all, but has a boost in Wound and Strain thresholds and the “Heavy Lifter” quality?

Just thoughts with the morning coffee.

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Here’s a homebrew that covers the topic: Memory Cores and Motivators, a book for Droids


Yes, I think droid species along the lines of the old “droid degrees” would be great. In addition to different starting stats, they could start with different default gear and/or talents for the different chassis types. It would be great to get stuff to address things like repulsorlift mobility, extra arms, etc. without having to reskin gear like the Utility Arm Armor Attachment, Foot Speeder and other stuff like that.

For specs, taking a page from Scavenger’s Guide to Droids, talents that free a droid behavioral inhibitors, lifting capacity for labor droids, targeting systems for combat droids, and so on.

It would also be great to get new special rules for droids like we saw with the Astromech Actions.

Lucasfilm will relent and rehire Gina Carano, they’ll admit that the 30+ years of pre-Disney buy out is better Canon/Lore, They’ll hire a voodoo priest and resurrect Carrie Fisher, throw out the ST and start again… yeah, right!

I am no longer the target audience for movies but I did enjoy the majority of Mando - even the frog husbad/wife story line was a lovely, side quest whimsy. I’m not holding my breath for anything after the GC sh**storm tbh. I’ve seen Geode and The Vessel youtube vids… I’ll stick with the rpg… speculating on the rpg? Stuff really I’ll buy but hardly use :rofl:

Star Wars 5e Has this. Droids are separated into around 6 classes that determine things such as size, purpose, etc…
Maybe repurposing this to this system could be a good thing?

The current system is flexible enough for this. You want to play a mouse droid, go for it. You get silhouette 0 and move by wheels. That’s gonna be a lot of setbacks in the Dune desert

Did someone say… Mouse Droid ???

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One of my Star Wars RP characters has one, his name is Vermin, he’s basically a mouse Droid version of Chopper