Damaged Goods: A Journal of our Campaign

Not sure how much interest there is in this sort of thing, but I find myself with a desire to do a little writing every night as I settle down in bed, and figured journaling our campaign would be a nice little outlet.

The game started just over 2 years ago as a f2f game in our FLGS. Then we transitioned to online when the world locked down, and for a variety of reasons we’ll probably continue as an exclusively online group forever now (with the possibility of occasional set piece finales done around a table).

So, to kick off here are a few brief details of the set up, and starting PCs.

The time is 5BBY, we begin on the backwards 1 town nowhere planet of Karazak. A jungle planet on the outermost edge of the Rim, it’s only industries are Megapseudopan Sap, a low grade building resin mined from the trunks of kilometre tall trees, and very occasional safari tourists, who come to hunt the varied hazardous forna of the planet.

Nawara Bastra:
Retired Twi’lek smuggler and all round charmer who set up shop as a small time fence, and the town’s general store owner. 6 months earlier, his wife Helia - the love of his life and the reason for his retirement - was killed by a rampaging Nexu that had broken though Karazak Town’s perimeter fence.

Hican Matsu:
Human Spice addict, and disgraced former Sector Ranger, hiding out on the furthest edge of the galaxy, having faked his own death to escape from the pockets of Mebbu The Hutt. Hican reluctantly inherited the job of town Marshall 6 months ago, when the previous Marshall was killed in the same Nexu attack as Nawara’s wife.

Limited run Combat Medic droid, who has been working as the Town Doctor for the past year. RX deserted from a Rebel cell after his entire squad were killed in a crash, prior to this he had been struggling to reconcile his primary Hippocratic programming with being an instrument of war.

Rex Gemini:
Human, the town mechanic and owner of the only hanger on planet. Rex has also been on Karazak around a year, hiding out from another Hutt after stealing a shipment of spice. Rex funnels any illegal goods arriving on planet to Nawara’s store, and has been gradually offloading the last of his stolen stash to Hican.

Atelia Tachi:
A Human bounty hunter with a mish-mash of ill fitted, makeshift cybernetics, including legs of slightly different lengths, her lower left arm, and an eye that doesn’t match her natural one. Atelia arrived on Karazak only a couple of weeks ago, in pursuit of a man named Zarkan Trask, one of her former crew. They had left her for dead on an exploding Old Republic Cruiser in a decaying orbit above a desert moon. Thirsting for vengeance, Atelia has been disappointed to find that Karazak is a dead end, and the next ship off system won’t be here for another 2 weeks.


Yes, please. More. These characters and the setting sound pretty cool.

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Cool, cool.
Well, an audience of one is still an audience, so happy to oblige. :slightly_smiling_face:
Here is the original setting doc I wrote (before my ideas for where this should go demanded we quickly leave Karazak).


A dense jungle planet, with vast salt heavy oceans, on the farthest North Eastern edge of the galaxy, Karazak has a small population all living in 1 small fenced town in a clearing on the northernmost peninsular of the planet’s 1 supercontinent.
It has 2 exports; Liquid amber - mined from vast 100m diameter Megapseudopan trees, and exotic trophies from the many highly dangerous creatures inhabiting its jungles.
There is also a negligible tourist trade, but being so far out on the edge severely limits the appeal, as well as restricting the turnover of the Amber Mining operation.
There are only a handful of real points of interest: Karazak town, the Amber Mine Ridge, the safari trail, and the Fishery.

Karazak Town

Population ~ 250

Karazak town itself is nothing more than a fenced off collection of buildings surrounded by jungle. It serves as hub for the planets only 2 industries, mainly because it has the planets only port, and the dense jungle canopy would make attempting to land a ship anywhere else foolish at best.
The 2 most prominent buildings are its port - a hexagonal hanger just large enough to house most light freighters, and The Spiral’s End Hotel - a 5 story building which is a mixture of apartments, rooms for rent, a whore house, and the local drinking hole.
There is also the general store - Hellia’s, a Marshall’s Office, Dr’s Surgery, Amber storage tanks, numerous domestic dwellings, a handful of small businesses, and a Blurrg stable for the town’s hunters, foragers, and defoliators.

Amber Mine Ridge

A 10 km long ridge line varying in width from 0.5 to 1.5 km, it is home to the massive Megapseudopan trees, a rare tree found only on this ridge. Each fully grown Megapseudopan has a trunk width of around 100m, and can range in height from 1 – 3 km.
Run by Elgort Fangan an elderly Drall, the operation consists of a team of anywhere between 20-30 miners, boring huge industrial taps into the trees to collect the rapidly hardening sap into heated vats that keep it in liquid form for transport and use. The miners camp out in prefab hab-crates on site for each 10 day shift, before returning to Karazak town for a 4 day rest and relaxation.
Fangan keeps a guard of 3 brutes, ostensibly to protect his employees and equipment from the aggressive fauna, but also to break up fights and keep his crew in line.

Safari Trail

Long ago, before the clone wars, Karazak had a steady, though still not exactly big, tourist trade. Chiefly for those who wanted to see and/or hunt the many exotic life forms populating its jungle.
Whilst most of the old trails are now overgrown, and reclaimed by nature, there is 1 circuit that’s been kept open and maintained by the scarred and intimidating Urum Rozu. Rozu is a grey skinned Twi’lek with only 1 eye, 1 head tail, and a stump of scar tissue where his left tail uses to be.
When there’s any demand, which is rare these days, Rozu takes his battered converted transport out so tourists can catch a glimpse of, and maybe even try and shoot, something big and scary.

The Fishery

There is a small fishery on the west coast of the peninsula, about 50km North West of Karazak town. A family business run by a family of Quarren for at least the last 50 years, it mainly farms massive Taipaccu fish, indigenous to the heavy salt seas of Karazak. The eldest son Abiss usually brings a delivery of freshly butchered cuts into town for Hellia’s freezers once every 30 days.

Notable residents.

Elgort Fangan – Drall. ‘Amber Mining Magnate’

4’ tall, short black fur – going grey, pointed ears, and sharp teeth, walks with a cane
He is tight fisted, hard task master, selfish, and uncaring to his employees.
Is rarely without at least one of his enforcers/bodyguards; Ungorat - an ugly gamorean, Destun - a brutish male human, and Jeerha - a mildly sadistic Zabrak woman.

Urum Rozu – Twi’lek. Safari tour guide and Game Hunter

Grey Skinned, and wearing a battered and much repaired mish mash of Laminate armour plates. The entire left side of his face is a mess of scar tissue, his left eye is hollow socket, and his left head tail is grizzled stump.
A gifted orator, and teller of tall tales. Rozu loves to regale tourists and locals alike with stories about his hunts. Including how he lost his head tale capturing a live Rankor for a mad Hutt.

Davion GensidAdministrator. Human.

Middle aged, thin build, with dark slicked back hair, and bags under his eyes.
A dour curmudgeonly man, who really only cares about forms, taxes, and the bureaucracy of running this grim little town.

Jerath Gilzeen – Chiss. Proprietor of The Spiral’s End

Pale Blue skin, and handsome chiselled features, he is tall athletically built, and always impeccably well turned out in a variety of brightly coloured silk brocade suits.
Outwardly very welcoming, and always charming, Jerath is keen to ensure all his patrons are well lubricated, and enjoys serving as Manager, Concierge, and Barkeep.
Jerath sees himself as Karazak’s main spokesman, and true leader of the people. Always eager to hold Mak and Administrator Gensid to task if something isn’t right.

Kaylee Hardman – Human Blurrg trainer

Kaylee is slightly overweight middle aged woman, whose expertise in training and riding alien creatures is unsurpassed this side of Tattooine.
Always happy to impart her knowledge, but short tempered with those that don’t listen.
She takes the welfare of her Blorrgs very seriously, but is under no illusions as to their position on Karazak’s food chain.


I love the droid character. The clever name is great, and the inner turmoil about its programming is a nice touch.

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Cheers, he was one of the pre-gens I made in case any new players weren’t confident to do char-gen.
There’s another of these PCs that I also wrote if you can guess which? :wink:

I’ll just guess the spice addict, since that’s the second BG that stuck out to me while reading the post.

Alas no, that was the brainchild of one of the players (who would also later take up the GM chair for a couple of episodes), although I insisted that he be the Town Marshall, to help with the main adventure hook for the first ep.
The Twi’lek widower was my other pre-gen.

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This is interesting. I’m excited to see where this goes. Great character ideas. I love how they are all interconnected.

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Darn, that was my second choice.

Well, I’ve got 2 years’ worth of almost weekly sessions to get through, so there’s plenty to come :wink:


Episode I: The Harvester

Session 1

[Just fyi, where individual sessions begin and end may get a little blurred through some of these posts, as a lot’s happened over the last 2 years since this campaign began, but I’m going to “try” and keep to 1 session per post]

We begin early one evening, in the main cantina of The Spiral’s End Hotel. [I know, such a cliche, but I hadn’t run a game of anything in over a decade, so I couldn’t resist].
Atelia is drinking alone at the bar, she has worn everyone in town’s patience thin over the past 2 weeks, with her incessant questioning about Trask. No one has seen or heard of him.
Hican, Rex, and Nawar are playing Sabbac with the scarred old Twi’lek Safari guide, Orum Rozu. Rozu has just told a tale of his entire crew being picked off through the night by Nexu, when his cruiser crashed on a jungle planet during the Clone Wars, everyone in town has heard this story a thousand times. [I shamelessly ripped off and modified Quint’s Indianapolis monologue from Jaws, the players lapped it up].

It is soon noticed that the amber miners, who were due back from their 10 day shift earlier, are several hours late. Hican decides to see if he can reach the mine ridge, using the communication array at the Marshall’s office. But getting no response he decides to round up a possé of “volounteers”, consisting of Nawara, Rex, The Bounty Hunter, and Orum Rozu, who offers a rude to the Ridge in his modified A-A5 Speeder Truck. [RX-1B’s player was yet to join the group at this point]

The journey takes a couple of hours along the winding jungle road that leads south to the Amber Mine Ridge, the truck not having the altitude capabilities to get anywhere near the top of tree canopy.
Around 2 thirds of the way there, they discover Elgort Fanagan’s truck, it has crashed off the road, and the group stop to investigate.
The wheeled truck was clearly travelling at speed, heading towards town, and had been shot up. The driver (1 of the miners) is dead, slumped through the front windshield, there are no other bodies around. Usually on the return to town, it would be towing 2 large tanker trailers filled with sap, these were not at the scene of the crash.
Upon examining the blaster marks Atelia is utterly convinced that these are made by the same blaster used by Trask, and insists they get moving on the Mine Ridge with all haste [Threat were rolled, the player leant into the false info I gave her like an absolute pro].

The mining operation consists of a handful of hab-containers, some gantries around some of the collosal trees, and a couple of massive truck sized pumps that clamp to the Megapseudopan trees, and extract the sap via a bore hole.
When the group arrive, it’s clear there has been conflict. There’s signs of blaster fire, and multiple bodies, mostly miners but 1 is Fangan’s Gammorean bodyguard, and there are also a couple of Trandoshans, wearing blue silk sashes. However, there’s still nearly 30 miners unaccounted for.
The group investigate further, and eventually find the Businessman Elgort Fangan hiding in the closet of his hab crate, a dead Trandoshan on his bed.
The panicked draal, who actually seems more bothered by the damage to his business than his missing employees explains that raiders on skiffs hit the mine earlier that day, bundled most of the miners, and his other bodyguards Jeerha and Destun, into cages and fled. A closer examination of the mysterious Trandoshans reveals each one has a tattoo of a Moebius strip on the nape of their necks.

The decision is made that they should return to town as quickly as they can.


In between Session 1 & 2 Atelia’s player decided that she would not have any memory of The Incident, in which her crew left her for dead, instead letting me decide what had happened, and doling out snippets of memory as they come back to her throughout the campaign.

Having only 1 name at this early stage, here is what I started her off with.

Edit: she also stated that Atelia is carrying around the head of the droid who saved her life, and that one of her legs is his.

She’s struggling to put anything in any kind of order. But the following scenes flash and repeat in her dreams, and her quiet moments. These are presented below in the order you remember them.

Before you even open your eyes, consciousness comes flooding back as nothing but intense pain all over, then you’re aware of a constant loud claxon, and the smell of smoke. You open your eyes, then immediately put a hand up to your face, because your vision has static snow across it.

Looking across what appears to be the remains of a ship’s med bay, there is smashed equipment all around and one wall is gone, exposed to a vast expanse of wreckage strewn desert. Lying amongst the wreckage, a few feet away, trapped and crushed beneath a girder is a medical droid, his head turns towards you as you drag yourself up to your knees, and he speaks in a crackled, distorted voice.

“Ah, lady Tachi, you are awake… I’m I’m I’m… I’m glad the surgery was a was a… success”

Confusion washes over you through the pain. As you stand and limp towards him you realise both your legs have been replaced, and 1 is longer than the other.

“Apologies, it’s the, it’s the, it’s… the best I could manage… in the circum circumstances… you really you really… really should leave before that tow, tow, tow…”

His head turns to look above you, you do likewise following his gaze through a wire and girder filled hole in the ceiling, to see the bridge tower of an old Republic cruiser, creaking and slowly leaning downwards over you both.

“Tower collapses… “

You croak out a rasped “sorry", before wrenching the droid’s head off, and limping out into the dessert as fast as you can.

Your lungs are on fire, your head feels as though it’s being crushed in a Wampa’s paw.

You hear the screeching creek of tons of steel bending, and a deafening crash.

The shockwave catches you in back, you’re flung across the sand and slam into a piece of fuselage, blackness enveloping you as you clutch the medical droids still sparking head to your chest.

This is the memory that plays the most persistently on repeat, over and over, driving your lust for vengeance.

The blast door slams to just as you reach it, you shout “Trask you son of a bitch" and hear a muffled reply from the other side “sorry honey, nothing personal" just as a distant blast rocks the whole ship, slamming you into the wall… then blackness.


Episode 1

Session 2

With Rex at the wheel, and Atelia taking up position in the pintel out of the back of the tuck, the group bundle Fangan into the back and head off back to town at top speed.

About the half a click from Karazak town, at around dawn, through a break in the tree canopy they make out a plume of smoke rising into the sky. Deciding caution is the best option, the group pull up the speeder truck at the final bend before the road reaches town, and Atelia gets out to scout ahead on foot using the cover of the jungle. [for the record Atelia was not alone. I have edited out a PC from our tale, as the player ditched him at the end of the episode, to be replaced with a new PC, and the only thing I can remember about him was he was Falleen]

As the rest of the group observe with Macros from a distance, they see a skiff zooming above the road, it pulls away east over the jungle canopy vefore reaching them. As it turns, they can see a cage full of captive townsfolk, and blue penants trailing behind.

Atelia reaches the edge of the jungle near the town’s perimeter fence, she can see 2 further skiffs. 1 is hovering by the upper floors of The Spiral’s End, blasting out the top windows, another is circling above the town. She climbs the fence just as the rest of the group arrive in the speeder truck, crashing through the town gates.

In the main street, a group of Trandoshans are bundling townsfolk into the cage in the back of a 4th skiff, which Rex decidea to plow right into and our reluctant heroes get their first taste of combat.

Disorganised, and fighting with little semblence of teamwork, whilst civilians scatter in panic, it takes everything they have to tackle the handful of slavers crewing the skiff. Hican is layed out by stun fire from the crew of the circling skiff who come flying in before being taken out by the others. Though the whole fight Rex never leaves the safety of Rozu’s truck, taking pot shots at the slavers through the window, and at one point dragging one from a skiff with a grapel he found in the cab. Although they did have the sense to take a couple of prisoners.

After reviving Hican, they rush across town help at The Spiral’s End, where they find Gilzeen and the working girls putting up a valient defence, and put down the crew of the skiff, bringing it crashing into the fountain outside.

As the smoke clears, and the adrenal dies down, Administrator Gensid, comes running through the streets shouting that there was one more skiff, just as the group see it rise above the rooftops with a cage full of prisoners and head east.

Realising they have to pursue, the group hastuly grab two of their Trandoshan prisoners, cuff them in the slave cage of a skiff, and gun it after the fleeing slavers.


I’m a bit too tired for writing tonight, however, after the second session Atelia’s player furnished me with full bios for her old crew (the people that betrayed her and left her for dead).
Over the course of the campaign she has continued to provide snippets of back story fleshing out all their relations, and detailing how Atelia got off the desert moon she spent 2 years stranded on. Totalling nearly 40 individual word docs!
I know some GMs would think that mental, but it was lockdown, and frankly I’ve loved every single one, it’s provided me with so much inspiration for her.

Captain of the Loreley, Atelia Tachi
• Using what was left of her family small-holdings, Atelia refitted her father’s aging freighter to better suit her new career as a deep space salvager and scrap merchant. What she can’t sell legitimately she trades using her black market contact, Varina.
• Unaware of the tensions growing in her crew, Atelia is focussed on making a name for herself by finding something truly legendary, or perhaps uncovering some of the many secrets buried during the clone wars.

Co-pilot and former swoop ace, Horatio Rigel (human scoundrel)
• A hedonistic lothario with a taste for the finer things in life, Horatio was a swoop ace and pro-gambler before being caught stealing a rival swoop gang’s new racer plans. Why Horatio was taking the risk himself is anyone’s guess, but gambling debts probably had something to do with it.
• Fleeing the consequences of his crimes, he recently joined Atelia’s crew as her co-pilot, and while enjoying the easy credits made as part of the salvager team, he has not been shy about questioning Atelia’s piloting skills in comparison to his own.

Engineer and tech-appraiser, Binlakhi Bilbumo “BilBu” (mon calamari engineer)
• Binlakhi is a savant with zero social skills. Shy and timid, she finds more in common with droids and starships than other organic beings.
• She lives to rediscover lost technologies, and relishes the opportunity to travel the stars with Atelia in search of tech-relics despite feeling uncomfortable around the rest of the crew.

Hyperlane scout and mechanic, Chock Tee (rodian explorer)
• Chock Tee is a man on the run; from his past, from his debts and from the Hutts. He takes great pains to hide his past and his fears, but recently something has caused him to believe that he is about to be uncovered.
• Increasingly hostile and paranoid, Chock is hording his pay and preparing to disappear into the stars once again.

Quartermaster and gunner, Fildran Ro’bahl (Twi’lek scoundrel)
• Fildran left his homeworld in the hopes of getting out of his brothers shadow and always being second place in the eyes of his family. When Atelia asked him to join her endeavour he leapt at the chance to forge a name for himself as a dashing explorer discovering the unknown.
• Now, as the crew grows around him, Fildran has begun to harbour a grudge against nearly all of them as they demonstrate skills (and in the case of Horatio, looks) in excess of his own. Atelia in particular has earnt his ire as she overlooks his loyalty and obvious talents in favour of the rest of the crew.

Ships gunner and muscle, Zarkan Trask (human mercenary)
• A living embodiment of the philosophy ‘a good defence is a good offence’, Zarkan has cultivated a physique and reputation as effective as it is intimidating. A recent hire on Atelia’s crew based on Fildran’s recommendation after too many close calls with pirates. He has mostly kept to himself, occasionally joining in with a round of sabbacc.
• Living from paycheck to paycheck, his loyalty lasts only as long as the credits do.

Black market expert and fence, Vindra Singh (human scoundrel)
• A long time fence and black market contract, Vindra is fiercely independent and, unusually for a fence, not affiliated with any known gangs. Orphaned from a young age, Vindra grew up on the streets and until recently only ever considered her own interests.
• After supporting Atelia’s crew in port for some time, she eventually joined as a permanent member a short time after Horatio did. That itself is hardly coincidental, however, the crew is yet to determine if her late night sneaking into Horatio’s quarters is a sign of her icy heart melting or just a convenient bunkmate.



Session 2 - Continued

I said I’d get the start and end of sessions mixed up, and I was right. Thinking about what happens next, I remembered a point I’m about to write that was deffo a session end, but there’s no way there’s enough stuff about to happen before then, that this is a whole session. (That horrific sentence will make more sense by the end of this post).
And now I come to recall, I realise session 1 actually ended after the fight with the first skiff crew, and everything after that, and below, was session 2

So, our freshly emboldened crew in their liberated slaver skiff give chase across the top of the jungle canopy, with Rex at the tiller, and Hican, Nawara, and Atelia clinging to the hand rails and cage.

Weaving around the occasional taller trees they quickly catch up to the slavers with their cage full of captured townsfolk. Deploying the boarding ramp, Hican bravely leaps across, while Atelia and Nawara give supporting fire. [I beleive the aforementioned forgotten Falleen also leapt across and did some melee, but “eh”] The slavers are quickly and efficiently dispatched, but the death of their pilot sends the skiff clipping off a tree and into a barrel roll (A-Team style), with Hican clinging on for dear life before bringing it safely to a stop.

Shaken, but immeasurably grateful, the rescued townsfolk are freed and sent back to town on the skiff, and our “heroes” take a moment to interrogate their prisoners, in order to find out where they were taking the captives.
Atelia, still concerned that Trask may somehow be involved, takes the lead with her metal fist, and after getting nowhere with the first prisoner, demonstrates a ruthlessness that shocks the rest of the group when she cuts him loose and throws him overboard to tumble through the trees in the middle of the deadly jungle.

Nawara, using the fate of the first trandoshan prisoner and his decidedly softer social skills, makes better headway with the second, learning that the slavers’ ship is landed in a bay on the east coast of the peninsula, and that their captain will be expecting them back soon.

Knowing that the miners and at least one cage load of townsfolk have already been taken away, the group continue on east as fast as they can.

A couple of clicks from the coast, a voice hails them through the skiff’s com in Trandoshan, but none of group speak so much as a word of the reptilian tongue. With a blaster to his head, their prisoner translates, he says it’s their captain, asking what’s taking so long, and they tell him to say he’ll be their soon, and not to leave without him. All they can do is hope he wasn’t lying and that he said what he was told to say.

As it turns out, he did, but his Captain didn’t buy it. They reach the sandy beach just in time to see the massive blue Space Master Medium Transport lifting off with its hanger doors closing. A valiant attempt is made to shoot out the hydraulics of the doors, but to no avail. As the ship starts to pull away over the bay Rex guns the skiff as fast as it will go, and her dorsal turrets open fire, Laser cannon blasts exploding plumes of steam from the water around them. But it’s too late, the ship’s ion engines engage, blowing the skiff sideways in her backwash, and she flies off up out Karazak’s atmosphere.

Dejected the group land the skiff back on the beach and survey the scene. Amongst the scattered detritus of the slavers’ camp and scattered crates, they find one of Fangan’s bodyguards, the human Destun. He is slumped against a crate, and is clearly not in a good way. Bloodied, with multiple knife wounds, and what appears to be the broken off horn of a Zabrak jutting from his cheek bone, they just manage to stabilise him, and bring him round long enough for him to tell what happened.
He tells them of the ship’s Captain, a massive read skinned Trandoshan woman, named Cyssc Veneb. He says she could see that he and Jeerha were no mere miners, and that one of them could earn a place on her crew, then forced them to fight. He spits Jeerha’s name along with an obscenity, before slipping back into unconsciousness.


Episode I

Session 3 (part one, cos I’m tired)

In which RX-1B’s player joins the group

Our group hop back on the skiff, trying to keep the injured Destun alive and as comfortable as possible, and head back to town as quickly as they can, to get him some much needed medical attention.

Upon their return, they find cantankerous droid’s small surgery overwhelmed with injured locals, and RX fussily trying to maintain some semblence of order. Upon seeing the condition of Destun, he orders the group onto crowd control so that he has space, and immediately gets to work doing all he can to save his life.

[I’m a little fuzzy about the details of what order things happened for a short while here. Mainly because it was undramatic (pretty sure I was treading water and lacked the confidence to just screenwipe). So I’m going to just bullet point some stuff that happened.]

  • Administrator Gensid begs the group to chase the slavers and bring back the captives
  • Elgort Fangan offers them 10k grand for Cyssc Veneb’s head.
  • They interrogate their captive further, finding out the name of the ship, The Moebius, and some more info and background.

Cyssc Veneb – Captain of The Moebius.
Aka; Cyssc the Terrible, Scourge of Rugosa, Veneb the Incarcerator.

Cyssc is a ruthless and cruel captain, driven by money, power, and a pathological need to lord her perceived superiority over all beneath her.

  • They also learn that her MO is to find sleepy backwater planets, hit them in lightning raids, and sell the captives off as slaves.

Episode I

Session 3 (part 2)

With all the demands being made of them our heroes had 1 major obstacle, the next transport off Karazak wasn’t due to arrive for another 2 weeks.
Against all his better judgement, and sense of self preservation Nawara Bastra had a confession to make to the Group. He had a ship. In a cave far to the North East of town, 2 years earlier to help hide himself and Helia from their pasts, Nawara had hidden his ship, a Lantilian GCX-100 called The Astarian.

A few of the group set off in one of the skiffs,
[cue an excerpt of my rubbish GM prose]

It takes just over an hour by skiff to reach the location where you hid The Astarian a couple of years ago.
Far to the north east of Karazak Town is a plateaux which you know from experience you will have to circumnavigate due to the drop off on the other side. You skirt around to the south of the plateax, slowly dropping down as the distance between the jungle canopy and the cliff top gradually increases.
As you come around one jutting outcrop of deep brown, vine covered rocks you are great by the site of a majestic narrow waterfall around a kilometre ahead of you. Your eyes follow the trail of water down to the base of the cliff, only to see the water vanish into a massive yawning cavern in the ground, almost 200 meters across.
Nawara – this is where you hid your beloved Astarian nearly 2 rotations ago.

They dropped down in the skiff, parked up, and proceeded deeper into the cave on foot, finding the old GCX is in a far worse state than Nawara remembered, with its power cables being chewed on by Gathroks [basically reskinned, atmospheric Minoks] that were quickly and efficiently dispatched.
It would seem leaving her in a damp location, infested with ferolitic parasites for two years was not the best plan. But after some tinkering, they managed to get on board, power her up, and fly her back to Karazak Town, and after some patching up by Rex they were all good to set off, with a minor hitch. The Astarian’s hyperdrive had been damaged, and until a vital part was replaced she wouldn’t be able to manage more than a short jump.

Rex, Hican, Atelia, and RX-1B [and the forgotten Falleen] boarded Nawara’s newly christened ship, which from this flight onwards would now be named Helia in honour of his beloved.

Once they broke atmosphere, a quick scan of the somewhat out of date navcomp showed only a handful of systems they’d be able to reach.

• Alzoc – Frozen Wasteland, no space ports.
• Skynara – End point of Five Veils Hyperspace Route, not heavily populated, little underworld activity.
• Spice Terminus – Space Station and major hub in the spice trade due to being at the intersection of the Llanic Spice Run and the Five Veils Route.
• Suarbi – Seat of local Imperial Governor’s Palace on Susevfi, the fith moon of Suarbi 7.
• Svivren – Home of the Svivren Xenomineralogy Institute, and with a population of around 8 million, it is a busy planet at the terminus of the Five Veils Hyperspace Route, and a major trading port for the region.
• Maryx Minor – A volcanic planet, covered in geysers and pits of lava.

Deciding Spice Terminus was their best bet for also getting a lead on The Moebius, being the exact sort of place you’d expect slavers to stop off at, they plotted a course, and made the jump.


Please actually watch your language, not just to sneak around the auto-censors. The rules aren’t purely technical.
Thank you.

Apologies. I will edit.

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In between these sessions was when the Falleen’s player decided he wasn’t really feeling him, and came up with a new, very different PC.
So we kinda hand waved something to do with his obligation coming up at Spice Terminus, and figured out an excuse for the new kid, Naiem Lakahsa to join the group (which will be revealed in the next post. So this is Naiem)

Naiem Lakahsa
Twi’lek Thief and Scavenger. Naiem is only 18 years old. His mother died when he was an infant, and at the age of 13 he saw his father, Renik, taken away by stormtroopers with no reason given.
His older brother Parvo (28) is a saboteur with a a small band of rebels, and he hasn’t seen him in over a year.
His sister Misha has been kidnapped by slavers 3 months earlier, and through sheer tenacity has managed to tail the Moebius as far as Spice Terminus, but is now stranded their, with no money to buy his way onto another transport off the station.

[This was also when I started my Planet Portfolio. Basically, for most locations in my campaign I like to pick obscure locations with very little info on Wookeepedia, and expand on them a little (or sometimes a lot), and thought it a good idea to keep them all on 1 doc I also like to use these little intros as my “Wide Shot” that gives the Players (rather than the PCs) a nice feel for the sort of place they are landing.]

Spice Terminus
Sitting in orbit around an otherwise inconsequential gas giant, Spice Terminus is a major hub in the spice trade due to being at the intersection of the Llanic Spice Run and the Five Veils hyperspace route. It is an excellent stopping off point for underworld connections on this farthest edge of the rim.

Spice Terminus is no Kwenn station, but is still impressive none the less. With a semi permanent population of around 2000, as well as the crews of anywhere from 15 – 30 light and medium freighters at any given time, the station is always bustling with activity.
Not all the trade that comes through Spice Terminus is illicit in nature, but its position on a major Spice trading route makes it very popular with any underworld operation that bothers with this far edge of nowhere.
Ostensibly independent, it is actually owned – via a series of shell companies – by Black Sun.

[The last little thing worth mentioning, is that at the end of the last session I started making rolls to trigger obligation for the next session, and was not disappointed to roll to trigger Atelia’s. :smiling_imp:
Now, how I started out with obligation, was by writing a little small scene or event for each PC, that I could drop into just about any session (I also decided, as our sessions are only about 3hrs, that I’d roll for each location, rather than each session), after that scene had been used I planned to write a follow up, that would escalate a little and follow on from the previous one.
Little did I know at this early stage just how much of an effect Atelia’s obligation was to have on the whole the campaign.]