Legends and Lowlifes - Work in Progress

Hello everyone!

I’m currently working on a project called Legends and Lowlifes, a sourcebook that’s intended purpose is to take characters from the Legends continuity, specifically in the Rebellion and New Republic era and recontextulise them in new canon. It also provides someone who just wants to do a Legends campaign a decent stat block to start from that they can tweak a little.

I’ve been working on it for the past week with knocking out a character description a day along with some stats, so yes it is a slow burn project but with your help that might change.

This is a very ambitious project for me and I am only just one person and so I am looking to post characters write ups and stats here as a sort of ‘testing ground’ where you are able to provide feedback. Don’t think that ability suits this character? Then suggest it! Think this stat should be changed, please go a head.

I want to encourage everyone to offer their honest feedback and opinions on anything I post here but also temper expectations that the opinions may not be followed 100% although I will always try and reply why. To me it’s more important to explain ‘why’ this should change in a way that makes sense while also understanding this is a game system and sometimes concessions have to be made.

This way the work I do at least gets put up there for people to enjoy even if I never get to assemble that PDF. So come along with me on this journey and let’s have some fun.


So first let’s start with an iconic Star Wars character from gaming. No, not that one, I am currently working on him and his beloved HWK-290. I’m talking about Dash Rendar!

When Dash was introduced back in the days of Shadows of the Empire it was clear that he was very much a Han Solo expy with a ship that looked like the Falcon, a DL-44, similar smuggler style looks etc and you’ll find similarities in the stat block below.

Speaking of, I’m posting an image of the stat block using Oggdudes generator. If you’d rather I do it in a text format, let me know!

Dash Rendar
The Rendar family was once one of the wealthiest on all of Corellia, but even the galaxy’s wealthiest cannot escape the eclipse of the Black Sun. While initially choosing to serve in the Imperial Navy, Dash Rendar would find his family life thrown into a turmoil when his brother Stanton crashed a freighter into the Imperial Museum on Coruscant.

With this affront, Emperor Palpatine himself exiled the Rendar family from the core worlds and liquidated the family shipping business. Unaware that the entire event had been orchestrated by Prince Xizor; officially the owner of Xizor Transport Systems, and unofficially the leader of the Black Sun crime syndicate. Xizor had made his move after the Rendars refused to sell their business to him.

From this, Dash would seek a new career as a mercenary for hire, pilot and smuggler, taking jobs wherever he could to earn for his family. Often these jobs would find him in the service of the Rebel Alliance, taking part in several key engagements, including one where he face down Xizor and the Black Sun Syndicate.

Dash ended up faking his death to escape reprisals from the Black Sun, Imperial Remnant, and (allegedly) the New Republic. Rumors suggest he went into business with a unique business partner and started producing Human Replica Droids, although sources are mixed on this.

Dubbed the new ‘King of Brash’ by those that knew him, Dash was thankfully able to back up this confidence and often displayed his skill behind the controls of his personal YT-2400, Outrider although he would often say he could fly any ship and could beat anyone in a marksman contest with any blaster. Unlike most Smugglers, Dash often focused on his flying skills alone, not wishing to devote time to the ‘less glamorous’ aspects of smuggling and often delegated this to his partner; Leebo.

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and yes, I’ve statted Dash, mentioned Leebo in the write up, of course I statted up Leebo and the Outrider. My goal isn’t just to provide the iconic characters but their iconic ships if applicable, and even iconic weapons.

LE-BO2D9 is a modified Cybot Galactica LE-series repair droid who spent years being transitioned from owner to owner until ending up in the ownership of Dash Rendar. Unfortunately for Dash, the droid had unfortunately picked up some quirks from his previous owners, particularly his last owner, Rodian comedian Kood Gareeda, often crediting him for the droids dry sense of humor.

There is a problem with the way I generate ships using Oggdudes, because it doesn’t allow me to add a special ability to the ship as Oggdudes predates Starships and Speeders. As such any corrections to the presented stats of the vehicle will be added below the relevant stat block.

A fitting ship for an outcast, the Outrider was a heavily modified YT-2400 freighter originally owned by the Twi’lek crime boss “Uncle” Vanya but eventually passed into the hands of Dash Rendar. Under Rendar’s ownership, “creative accounting” from Leebo and the deep pockets of the crime boss, the Outrider was extensively modified from a simple freighter to a perfect smuggling ship.
Being part of the YT-series the ship was highly customizable and instantly recognizable as a member of the family thanks to the large ion engines at the back along with the mandible mounted cockpit. What made the Outrider exceptional was it’s military-grade ion engines, parts that were ‘borrowed’ from the Imperial Academy on Corulag. Combine this with illegal sensor and stealth equipment means that the ship could outrun any pursuer, assuming they could detect the ship in the first place.

While built for discretion, the Outrider was not a pushover should a confrontation turn hostile, boasting a pair of heavy laser canons mounted dorsal and ventral providing an amazing level of fire and range for a ship of its class. In case more drastic measures were needed, a pair of concussion missile launchers were built into the cockpit tube.

The Outrider may not be as recognisable as the Millennium Falcon, despite its captains protests, there is no doubt that the Outrider is at least known throughout the underworld, for better or worse.

The Outriders’ hyperdrive rating is 0.75 and not 0.5
Sturdy Construction: Once per encounter, after suffering damage from an attack, collision, or explosion, after armor has been applied, the pilot may spend a Destiny point to reduce the damage to 0.

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At first glance I think you overloaded the skills. I’d pare back on a few like Athletics and maybe some of the Social skills. I don’t know the character well, though.

You describe a “pair” of concussion missile launchers, but the stats don’t reflect that. It should have double the Limited Ammo quality and should either not have Slow-Firing 1 or should have Linked 1.

I’m not sure the ECM Suite is the best bet. The ECM Suit is jamming, not stealth, and makes everyone aware of you. It’s military tech for missile/targeting computer jamming.
Alternatives (all 1 HP):

  • Whisperthrust Engine (+2 Difficulty to detect at Speed 3 or below)
  • Nightshadow Coating (Reduces the range of passive sensors by 1 for detecting the vessel)
  • Pseudo-Cloaking Device (Increase Difficulty to detect with sensors by 2)

There’s also the Sensor Baffler, but it only upgrades the difficulty twice to determine location (not even detect??) and is pretty terrible in comparison.

The “Safety First!” ability doesn’t make much sense and doesn’t jive with the system as it exists. X-many hours is an exceedingly rare metric in the rules, if it exists at all, and not for any talent-type abilities that I’m aware of. Temporary bumps to thresholds are also not something I believe is in the game. They have the problem of “killing” something when they wear off. Granted, you can argue that it’s intended behavior and not a problem at all, but I don’t think it’s the best approach. It’s situational at best, only coming into play in a situation where you’re going to exceed a threshold and providing no benefit otherwise.

The name of the ability would suggest avoiding or mitigating damage, not being able to absorb more. One alternative would be to increase Defense by 1 (2 for Outrider), another would be to make the effect similar to Jury Rigged or Signature Vehicle and make the effects semi-permanent/limited.

Thanks for the feedback P-47! I have taken the feedback below and implemented some changes;


  • Concussion Missiles now have Linked 1 and the appropriate Limmited Ammo amount of 6.
  • ECM ditched for a Whisperthrust Engine.
  • Attachments have been done under the hood like unique ships found in Starships and Speeders.

Dash Rendar

  • No Changes. Yes there are a lot of skills, but this character is meant to be a hero level character on par with other characters seen in Allies and Adversaries and when examining what to cut I couldn’t exactly find one to cut that wouldn’t be applicable to Dash.


  • Streetwise removed as a skill.
  • Retooled the ‘Safety First!’ ability. I liked the idea of making it work like Jury Rigged in that it can only be applied to one vehicle at a time.

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Another day and I have a set of stat blocks to provide…that I will post later. However as a teaser, Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight was my awakening if you will and was the very reason I am still a gamer to this day and went on to study game design at university. Infact I wanted to open with this set, however one of the items being presented below was on my version of Forge and due to some technical issues the other night I couldn’t retrieve the information until much later.

Let’s start off with what I consider to be one of the most iconic blasters in Star Wars; the Bryar Pistol. With its official canon designation (from Battlefront) of the K-16 Bryar Pistol, to distinguish it from Andors M-20 Bryar Pistol. This is a weapon that doesn’t really have much background material for it so I had to make my own lore around the weapon.

Credit where credit is due, the original stats were done by belferrin on reddit. However I took the stats and tweaked them as the cost of the gun was so expensive that no one would ever buy one as there were cheaper but more effective pistols in the game. For the sake of credit I will include a link to his version here.

K-16 Bryar Pistol
Large and intimidating the K-16 Bryar Pistol has been a staple of the Galactic Civil War since it was first released in 9 BBY.

Not many people know of the origin of the K-16 Bryar Pistol. In actuality, it was produced by small manufacturing firm Kourt Industries. Originally starting out life as a rifle, a design flaw was exposed during the manufacturing process. The flaw caused to the gun discharge a large portion of its power unit in one powerful blast.

It was too late during the manufacturing process to go back to the drawing board so instead the manufacturer decided to tweak the design, cutting down the barrel and repurposing the design into a Blaster Pistol and promoting the overcharging shot as a ‘feature’.

Due to safety concerns, the gun had a limited production run resulting in them being a rare sight in the galaxy. However, those that did have a K-16 soon learned how to put this ‘feature’ to expert use.

K-16 Bryar Pistol (Ranged [Light]; Damage 5; Critical 3; Range [Medium]; Stun Setting, Accurate 1)
Price/Rarity: 800 credits/6
Encumbrance: 2
Hardpoints: 1
Secondary Fire Mode: When using the Bryar Pistol, as an incidental the user may cause the weapon to gain the Prepare 1 quality to cause the next attack to do +4 damage. While firing in this mode, the GM may spend THREAT THREAT or DESPAIR to have the Bryar pistol run out of ammo. On the user’s next turn add THREAT THREAT to the check unless the blaster is fired in it’s normal firing mode.

Design Notes
The original design had it as a critical 4 and there’s very few blasters at damage 5 with a crit rating that high, especially for a cost of 1,500+, so I lowered the price down to 800. This fits it as on par with a Blaster Pistol, but with a unique ability. One trade-off is that the blaster is bulkier than most and thus encumbrance 2, but consider you can sometime do damage on par with a Blaster Rifle? I’d say it’s a good trade off.

Also to utilise the original ability to fire a blast at +3 was good but then a user would have to carry around a pouch of power packs. Making it a ‘chance’ means that someone may use it more, but if they abuse that power they WILL find themselves with an empty clip. I’d love a way to make the additional threat continue to stack and increase the more it’s fired in that mode but can’t think of a way to eloquently word that.

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5 damage, critical 4 is actually extremely common. The generic Holdout and Light Blaster Pistols are both 5/4, and many specific pistols are 5/4 as well. That said, I think 5/3 is appropriate.

Legends cost is 1,350.

I think the secondary fire mode should be simplified by making it run out of ammo (and instead of Prepare, just say “spend a Maneuver to prime the weapon,” as is the case with similar RAW weapons). Simple, predicated, canonical. The bump in damage (+4 is very good) comes at a cost the player must consider. Adding the various conditions 1) makes it unfairly skill-based (what if you are just good enough reliably generate net Advantage?) and 2) adds more points of failure in book-to-table conversion.

Dropping the extra Maneuver altogether makes the quality more viable, and is debatable. Requiring the Maneuver sticks to the feeling of having to “charge” the weapon, but charging the weapon (arguably) doesn’t really take as much effort as a Maneuver does.

I also recommend bumping the range up to Long. This fits with the ranges given in the Force Unleashed Campaign Guide (according to Wookieepedia) and gives it an interesting niche (the only other Long-ranged pistols are the X-30 and DE-10). Alternatively, the extended range could be tacked on to the secondary fire mode, making it a pocket-sniper.

Weapons to compare:
X-30 Lancer: 5; 4; Long; Enc 1; 3 HP; 1,000/5; Accurate 1, Pierce 2.
DE-10: 6; 2; Long; Enc 1; 2 HP; 1,400/8; Accurate 1, Stun setting (Telescopic Optical Sight, Boost to repairs).

Suggested changes: 5; 3; Long; Enc 2; HP ?; 1,350/6; Accurate 1 (+4 damage, out of ammo).
This is too weak in comparison to the others. The DE-10 costs a little bit more for more damage and a better crit, while weighing less and having a built-in attachment and a Stun setting. It has a slightly better crit than the X-20, but loses Pierce 2. I think 3 HP is a fine number.

If it isn’t specified that it doesn’t have a Stun setting, I recommend adding a Stun setting. For other buffs, reducing its cost would help balance, or adding some other perk. Other than the price comparison, I think it’s pretty okay.

A blaster rifle has double the encumbrance, is more likely to be illegal, uses a different skill, but is in all other ways better. This makes the K-16 a useful tool for some builds that may lack Ranged (Heavy), but doesn’t supplant the blaster rifle as a viable weapon since for blaster-rifle damage you need to reload every time. I would use the K-16 for a gunslinger or hitman where single-shot damage is more important than endurance in a protracted fight, and where a pistol is preferable to a rifle.

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Always erred on the side of caution when it comes to things like weapons. I’ve also always believed that cost in terms of what is canon should be considered but easily discarded in the name of balance. At the end of the day it’s about finding what weapons its comparable to and pricing them accordingly. That being said your suggestions on reflection would bump the cost into an are awhere it’s at a comparable cost.

I like your idea on upping the range to Long to give it a useful niché and perhaps expelling the power pack isn’t such a big deal. Useful for when you need it.

K-16 Bryar Pistol - Revision
K-16 Bryar Pistol (Ranged [Light]; Damage 5; Critical 3; Range [Long]; Stun Setting, Accurate 1)
Price/Rarity: 1,350 credits/6
Encumbrance: 2
Hardpoints: 2
Secondary Fire Mode : When using the K-16 Bryar Pistol, as a maneuver the user may charge the gun giving the next attack by the weapon +4 damage. This causes the weapon to immediately run out of ammo.

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I teased, and I am one to deliver. I have not one, not two, not three or even four but five things to post.
What I am going to do is post each new entry as a new reply just to make it easier for people to link to and format.

We kick off this ‘set’ as it were with Ex-Stormtrooper, Mercenary, Rebel Agent, Jedi Knight and Jedi Master; Kyle Katarn, who’s middle name cannot be said in polite company.

Kyle Katarn
Ex-Stormtrooper, Rebel Operative, Jedi Knight. Kyle Katarn has held many positions within his life. Born to Morgan Katarn, a farmer from the moon of Sulon, the younger Katarn’s life was never really normal, with his mother being killed in an accident when Kyle was young. This lead Kyle to become very close with his father and even the family droid; WeeGee whom he considered almost a brother.

However, the Outer Rim seldom held opportunities for those wishing for education and so with his fathers reluctance, Kyle enrolled in the Imperial Academy. Kyle showed too much compassion for the Rebels he ended up going against, aghast at commanders ordering their men to kill them despite surrendering.

Ironically it was the Empire, staging an attack on his home under the guise of being Rebels and the revelation of this deception that drove Kyle into the ranks of the Rebel Alliance becoming one of their best operatives with rumors even circulating that he had a small part to play in obtaining intelligence regarding the Death Star plans that would eventually end up in the hands of Rogue One.

Kyle’s true calling was revealed during his search for the Valley of the Jedi, an act that had him reconnecting with the only family he had, WeeGee, back on his homeworld of Sulon. WeeGee was a truly unique engineering feat, a custom-built droid constructed and programmed by Morgan Katarn. The droid’s utility was beyond even most commercially available maintenance droids while also boasting a warm and friendly personality. It was his meeting WeeGee where Kyle finally learned about his connection to the Force and started to hone his abilities with the mystical energy field.

Kyle’s journey would take him on a new path, rumors even persist that he served as a Jedi Master in Luke Skywalkers new Jedi Academy. Meanwhile, WeeGee would go on to join the Rebel Alliance Engineering Corps and eventually a maintenance droid in the New Republic Defense Fleet.

Design Notes:
Kyle is the main character of the Dark Forces series and what I always loved was how he could seemingly be carrying an entire arsenal of weapons and while I could be boring and buff up his encumbrance (which wouldn’t really impact him because NPCs don’t really have their encumbrance tracked) I wanted to have an ability where he could just pull out a weapon (that he presumably had stowed away) and just go with it. I tried to balance the abilities between that of a Force User and of a Rebel Operative who’s goal is to get in, cause destruction and then get out. He’s often able to get the upper hand on a situation and react first thus rapid reations to help him get the edge on his initiative checks.

Force Rating 3 feels good for a Kyle who is still early on in his Jedi career. I did consider giving Kyle an ability to use any Force Power he wants once per session as he was very proficient with just learning Force Powers and using them with little practice but the game already has Force Surge as a thing in mechanics so nothing really is stopping him from doing that already. I did give Kyle the base force user abilities which a GM can then go from there and add anything they feel Kyle would have.

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Jan Ors

One of the Rebel Alliance most successful operatives, Jan Ors was known for being fiercely independent and someone who relied on only one person: herself. Even before joining the Rebel Alliance, Jan had made a name for herself under the identity of Jan Strange when she infiltrated Imperial Intelligence operating from within the heart of the empire assisting Alliance agents in evading capture.

Eventually being recruited into the alliance, she participated in many missions to disrupt imperial operations across the galaxy. These missions were not without cost and did result in Ors losing her right hand although it was replaced with a cybernetic prosthesis. Eventually, through a series of chance encounters, Jan met Kyle Katarn whom she convinced to defect to the Rebel Alliance.

Jan was a skilled infiltration and reconnaissance expert who was able to maintain cover identities with ease and even utilise her many talents which included but not limited to; marksmanship, piloting, maintenance, and even Alderaanian ballet. She flew many missions and often worked with Kyle Katarn as a pair of operatives, often as the pilot to their ship. Jan would continue this services well into the formation of the New Republic.

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Bonus - Weegee
As a bonus I’ve also included stats for Kyle’s droid, WeeGee.

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Moldy Crow
Starting its life as a HWK-290 Light Freighter, the Moldy Crow would ultimately have a short life of service compared to many of its contemporaries, only being active for 15 or so years. Coloured a rusty brown with red highlights on the four engines and under the cockpit viewports the Crow often presented itself as a beat up freighter, a perfect cover for smugglers and Rebellion agents. After a simple life as a small cargo vessel the ship eventually was donated to the Rebel Alliance by Palob Godalhi where it was assigned to Kyle Katarn.

While the ship had seen better days, Kyle invested a lot of time, and the Rebellions resources into getting the ship up to spec for the missions ahead of him. Outfitting it with additional laser cannons, a whole new navcomp system, and enhanced shields. To aid in security and surveillance, the ship was fitted with rivet sized microcameras allowing the pilot to view the camera’s feeds from the cockpit or a linked datapad.

Sadly the Crow would meet it’s destruction on the planet Ruusan, when during an escape attempt the Crow was knocked off course by an exploding ship and sheared it’s port wing on a nearby rock formation before spinning into a crash landing.

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Finally we have the Raven’s Claw. This one was tougher as the ship…doesn’t actually have a formal ship designation and canon…so I just made my own. Yes, new ship model and a unique version of it. For the Raven’s Claw I was heavily inspired by the artwork of MatMoura who did a great interpretation of the Raven’s Claw and its interior. While it may not be canon I feel it gives the ship a very ‘agent’ feel and so went with it.

HWK-2200 Fast Courier
Following the end of the Clone Wars and the declaration of the New Order, the Corellian Enginering Corporation sought to revive it’s HWK-series with the HWK-1000, unfortunately this product was ultimately doomed thanks to Imperial Authorities and regulations requiring CEC to go back to the drawing board.

While the HWK-series was known for being a light freighter, an extensive amount of market research done by CEC found people using the HWK-290 for courier and transport duties more than as a light freighter with people preferring larger cargo spaces if they were going into the shipping business. Instead of simply increasing the ships size and cargo bay like they had with the HWK-1000 concept, CEC designers decided to take the ship into a bold direction.

Marketing their new ship as a fast courier vessel, CEC leant heavily into the use of the ship as a sleek executive vessel perfect for courier work whether that be transporting data quickly or a small collection of valuables or important pieces of cargo. To that end the HWK-2200 doesn’t boast a large cargo space but it makes up for it in speed and relative comfort for a ship it’s size. The marked responded accordingly and while HWK-2200s’ were not common in the galaxy when they were seen it was often in the hands of wealthy individuals using them as their personal shuttle.

While many would not call the HWK-290 an ugly design, CEC focused on making the HWK-2200 visually striking, with a cockpit reminiscent of the HWK with a pointed hooked tip giving it a aerodynamic flare to the design. The cargo and maintenance area of the ship was accessed via a crawlspace or a cargo lift at the back of the vessel, large enough to accommodate a small two man speeder or whatever important valuables the ships new owner might be transporting. Finally, the most distinctive feature was the two huge cylindrical sublight engines with two stabilizing wings that propelled the HWK-2200 to dazzling speeds.

The performance of the vessel did come at a cost, with less bulk people did complain the ship was more fragile than the HWK-290, although this was often argued to be compensated by the advance shield systems the HWK-2200 boasted.

The ship came out at the right time as while the HWK-1000 was marred with objections regarding its speed compared to that of Imperial ships, the HWK-2200 came out much later after advancement in ion engine technology and development of more advanced fighters like the TIE/IN interceptor, resulting in far less objections from an Empire that saw itself as invulnerable. Ironic that the first HWK-2200 would formally roll off the production line the same day as the Battle of Yavin.

Raven’s Claw
One of the first HWK-2200’s to be constructed, the Raven’s Claw started it’s life as the personnel shuttle of Imperial Prison Warden Dec Worthbury III, which he used as his personal shuttle in lieu of formal military craft such as the Lambda-class and other official vehicles. During a prison raid by the recently formed New Republic lead by Rebel Operative Kyle Katarn, the ship was stolen by Katarn and Jan Ors.

While the Warden had not made any modifications from stock, that would change under Ors and Katarn’s tenure with the two heavily modifying the ship’s offensive capabilities with a retractable nose mounded heavy laser cannon turret, wing mounted ion cannons, a hidden nose tip mounted proton torpedo launcher, and a rack of seismic charge mine launchers at the rear of the craft.

On top of that Katarn extensively modified the ships onboard sensor and communication station allowing him and Ors to receive long range communications from almost anywhere in the galaxy. Most of these modifications took the place of space reserved for what little cargo or crew the ship could previously take, but the Raven Claw’s new armaments saw Kyle and Jan through to the end of their careers.

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Formidable is five Difficulty dice.
Don’t have time to look over everything in detail, but I noticed that off the bat.

Thanks for statting out Kyle! I’ve been thinking about bringing him into one of my games. I wonder if it would be helpful to have a list of the weapons he used in the games to add a bit of extra flavour? To avoid bloating the entry maybe have it as a separate table if you end up doing the PDF. Something like " Equipment he is known to have used on mission" then the talent of being able to produce anything at all would still be valid, but we would have a standard loadout for him. I think most, if not all of his classic weapons are already statted out for the system scattered around various books - would be happy to try and find them if you’re interested.

I always get Formidable and Daunting mixed up. I think it’s the F in Formidable makes me think Four. I will amend in a revision later.

You’re more than welcome to! Funnily enough my plan was to later…much later add more than just the K-16 Bryar pistol but most of the Dark Forces and Jedi Knight I and II arsenal into the game as weapon options.

I know that the TL-50 Heavy Repeating Blaster is in the game in it’s battlefront incarnation where it’s a Blaster Rifle instead of the slugthrower. My plan was to retool the weapon into an alternate slugthrower variant that was supposed to be an earlier version of the TL-50, say the TL-45D.

That’s part of the fun of doing this too, a lot of the Dark Forces weapons lack any kind of lore and some even don’t have names like the Assault Cannon wielded by the Darktroopers. One of my friends who did a video breakdown on Dark Forces commented on the weapons lack of name and theorised names for it. That partially gave me the idea to add the Dark Forces weapons to the project.

However…they are a long way off and weapons require a lot more fine tuning for balance.

That being said, I am reluctant to reproduce actual materials from other books out of respect for FFG and now Edge’s work. You sometimes have to dance that line when you’re a fan sourcebook of providing everything you want and saying “check this book for more information.”

The Imperial Heavy Repeater (Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast) is in Forged in Battle.

From what I’ve seen, porting existing stats into sourcebooks is pretty common practice. For example, in the Allies and Adversaries-like Clone Wars supplement Heroes on Both Sides, a lot of stats were taken directly from the Clone Wars sourcebooks, both for equipment and for some NPCs. What you’re doing here is compiling existing material with your own material to create a themed sourcebook.

I don’t see anything wrong with it, in part just because it’s common practice, but if you are concerned about passing off their work as your own, you can use attributions to make it clear which official books the stats come from. The cleanest way to do that would probably be to use a superscript (or whatever it’s called… the little number that sits high on the line) and have a page in the back with the various references listed out in order of appearance (with duplicative examples pointing to the same listing).

I would generally recommend sticking to the given names, even if they’re lacking. People who know Dark Forces aren’t going to be bugged by using the name “Assault Cannon,” but they might be bugged if you invent a name and they either are opposed to that to begin with or just don’t like your choice.

I’ve had a look and found some options for his loadout. Some of them are the specific weapons like the repeater ( Thanks P-47) and the rest are the closest I could find. I don’t have access to all the books though so there may be some others out there.

I have removed some cumbersome qualities for simplicity. For the Flechette launcher I’ve just included the anti infantry stats. I couldn’t find an obvious analogue for the DEMP, maybe could just scale up the basic ion blaster? Anyway hope these are helpful!

Tenloss DXR-6 disruptor (Eote CRB pg 163) ( Ranged ( Heavy), dam 10, crit 2 range: long, Vicious 5)

Wookie Bowcaster ( Eote CRB pg 162) ( Ranged ( Heavy), dam 10, crit 3 range: medium, Knockdown)

Imperial heavy repeater (Pg 46 Forged in Battle) ( Ranged ( Heavy), dam 8, crit 4 range: medium, Autofire. As a maneuver, a character may prime the weapon to expend all its ammunition in a single burst. It gains the Blast 7 and concussive qualities but runs out of ammunition)

Golan arms flechette FC1 (Dangerous covenants pg 45) (Gunnery, dam 8, crit 3 range: medium, Blast 8, Pierve 6, Prepare 1, Vicious 3, Limited ammo 6)

Stouker concussion rifle ( Forged in Battle pg 47)( Ranged ( Heavy), dam 10 crit 2 range: medium, Blast 4, concussive 2, knockdown, limited ammo 4)

Merr-Sonn PLX-ZM portable missile system (EotE CRB 165) (Gunnery, dam 20, crit 2 range: extreme, Blast 10, Guided 3, Breach 1, Prepare 1, Limited ammo 6)

Frag Grenades (They are called thermal detonators in game, but given the power of TDs in this system frag grenades may be more accurate)

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