Obi-Wan Kenobi (Disney+ spoilers)

Intentional connection to this or not, it certainly adds a layer to why Vader forcibly keeps his spirit around after his death in Rebels, as seen early in the current run of the “mothership” comic when relaunched to pick up following The Empire Strikes Back.

After the OT? I give you the concurrent Dagobah training and Falcon in the asteroid field plotlines in Empire. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I laid no bait. I deal straightforwardly and honestly. If you found bait, it must have been your own.

Dangit…I did it again.

(bait falls on floor)

Right. So. Valid point. :grimacing: That just never bothered me, it works better (that may be due to the bias of having seen it at the time I did, what an impressionable young individual I was, and still am - impressionable that is :sweat_smile: …).

But, just to get pedantic. ESB training and asteroid, is similar, in some respect, to the Kenobi duel/Reva goes to Tatooine - and to me it works quite well in both instances. Of course, it could’ve been assisted by a completely unnecessary scene where Reva finds a ship in Jabiim (spl?), but that would have been wasted runtime just to appease pedantics (like Me & Co).

I find that the PT and ST suffer more from the time-distance “inconsistencies” - meaning, speed of plot is at times more jarring. But yes. It works better some places than other places.

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So, by next weekend I’ll hopefully be done with my PhD thesis. Then I’m going on a re-watch binge of Mando, Boba, Kenobi, Clone Wars season 7, and Bad Batch. It is utterly necessary. I need some more inspiration for my campaign.

Also, have any of you seen some of the edits of the Kenobi series on youtube? The training duel on Coruscant for instances? Or the Darth Vader reel someone made? Very cool.

Also, I’ll actually throw this out there: I wouldn’t mind another Kenobi series, but mostly I would like a Vader series … or that’s not entirely correct, but I want a series where Vader is an recurring character. I really liked the portrayal of him in this series, in particular to see him move for once, not just standing and walking, but actually make moves. Also, his … let’s call it petulance(?) is fitting, his inner conflict, his savagery … this series made him even more a tragic character.

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Star Wars is Vader’s series! He’s literally been a reoccurring character in 7 movies and 3 tv shows, multiple comic runs and countless games, hahah.

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Vader only really appears in 5 movies (unless my counting is off; RotS, RO, ANH, ESB, and RotJ - I don’t count TPM or AotC as that’s Anakin, nor the ST, his helmet being talked to by a fanboy doesn’t qualify in my book as a recurring character), and one of the live action tv-shows (three tv-shows if you include animated shows).

As for the comics, I’ve read some of them, and not that they were bad or that I don’t like them, but I haven’t followed them closely since … err… 2016? Maybe? And for computer games… he’s less of a character there and more of a force of nature (badum-ts), at least the ones I’ve played.

This series expands more on the character in some ways that I like, that I would like to see more of. Whether it happens or not doesn’t really matter to me. I’m good either way, but I really liked his portrayal in this show, and to see him actually duel and not just toy with his victims.

I wondered about it for a moment or two, then just figured Vader, the Grand Inquisitor, and the troops all went back to the Devastator in the Lambda, leaving the Inquisitorius shuttle behind.

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The second (2017-2019) and current third series in particular explore the kinds of things you’re interested in seeing for Vader. (Not to say that they can’t be explored elsewhere.) In the current storyline, Sabe - who’s popped up in the run a few times before, going back to the second issue - has tentatively sussed out that Vader is Anakin, and is leader of a group who had established an “underground railroad” on Tatooine to free slaves, as part of a mission set in place by Padme when she’d been unsuccessful in finding and freeing Shmi (something established in the Queen’s Shadow YA novel). It’s put him in an odd position in that Sabe is nominally working against the Empire and with Crimson Dawn (with Vader currently tasked to eliminate Crimson Dawn), but he’s totally behind her group’s larger mission (said group, in the latest issue, being shown to include freed former Tatooine slaves Kitster and Wald). So…does he do his job, or does he help the people following Padme’s wishes?

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This youtube video was actually quite cool, and of course positive (at least mostly), about the duelling in the show. I like his breakdown of the fights and that he bases it on his own knowledge about sword-fighting and duelling.

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Right. So, I may need to read up on some of that … at some point … when I have time and monies to buy it all.

I recall some of the early Darth Vader issues. Perhaps it was me back then, but I didn’t find Vader that interesting a character in those early issues. I may have changed my view there, and of course the stories may have improved. Either way, I realise that if I want more about Vader, I must read the comics.

That first series was much heavier on the “big scary Darth Vader” aspect of the character, with most of the character exploration given to the (then) newly-introduced Doctor Aphra. (Although there was a brief detour to Vader discovering the identity of the pilot who destroyed the Death Star, and all that entailed, leading him to try to track down where Luke had been hidden and ending up at the Lars homestead.)

The second series is where they went more under the helmet, as it were. (Probably to be expected, being written by Charles Soule.) It jumped back in the timeline, picking up shortly after Revenge of the Sith.

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