Ship Art Thread

What’s an SWRPG forum without a thread for ships, vehicles, and the like?


I love me some Ghibli inspired Star Wars


I have created a deckplan for the Darvro-class Light Freighter because I wasn’t able to find one out there. In fact, I was only able to find one picture of the ship anywhere, so there wasn’t a lot to go on!


That reminds me… I’ve got a few deckplans lying around I suppose I should share. I made this one on request for someone on the FFG forum since there were no deckplans of the Crucible anywhere, and what we see in the show makes no sense.


My players sometimes just start out with a ship, but in my current campaign they’re playing as scavengers / treasure hunters, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to have them discover it - in this case within the hangar of a downed Star Destroyer that had captured it before being diverted to the battle of Jakku. Once they managed to get their hands on a barely-used YT-1300, they were pretty happy to leave their not-even-spaceworthy old AT Hauler in the hands of some local scavenger girl and take this thing for a spin.


Ooo, awesome! That’s a cool way to handle it, and the picture is awesome. It also makes me wonder how it got there, and what its story is. Is that something you’ve considered? Maybe an interesting side story of sorts, as they start finding things in the ship that point to its previous owner(s)?
And welcome to the forum. :)

Would anyone be interested in doing a Deck Plan for a the Republic Consular Class Frigate?

There are a couple plans out there but hard to get decent quality. I’m looking for something a bit more beat up as the ship is now in the hands of a Trandoshan Hunter company. So it will be outfitted with weaponry and containment cages inside.

I would LOVE a deckplan for a CR90 {with basic numbers and interior elements would be great}

Preferably in both standard and mirrored layouts

From what i understand, CR90 corvettes have 2 decks with a circluar stairwell at pro and stern along with catwalks in the genine area


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What the heck is THAT supposed to be? It looks like an A-Wing crossed with a Snowspeeder and with the addition of an astromech slot!

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Well, judging by it’s profile, I’d call it a C-wing :stuck_out_tongue:

Wasn’t referring to the one at the bottom. Though C-Wing does seem to fit that one. :slight_smile:

No, I was talking about your earlier posting, the one getting shot at by TIEs. You have to admit, my description of ‘an A-Wing crossed with a Snowspeeder and with the addition of an astromech slot’ is rather apt for that particular one.

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I think that’s just what it is… An A-Wing crossed with a T-47 with an added astromech port.

Fair enough. But it certainly looks cool, despite how unusual it is. Might use that art sometime as basis for a crafted starship.