The Emperor's Halo, Out Of Character

This is the start of the Out Of Character topic for the Edge of the Empire campaign/adventure named “The Emperor’s Halo.”

The content rating of this play-by-post should stay PG

The campaign will be set on Coruscant, in the THA district, which is the location of The Emperor’s Halo casino & resort. The theme of this campaign will be “Heist.”

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.

Game table link:


By @Awenea

By @G_Combustion

By @Delegate_Zero

By @SarcasticSmileyFace

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If you have specific homebrew supplements you wish to use for your character, you can, but please message me first and ask.

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I’m interested in signing up for this campaign. Will brew up my character post-haste.

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Greetings! Welcome to the campaign! Can’t wait to see what kind of character you are cooking up.

If you have any questions/clarifications feel free to PM me.

I too would be interested. Only homebrew I would likely consider using is the Unofficial Species Menagerie. What would be the point on the timeline for this campaign?

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I will look at working up a character. See if I can drag out my Charmer stuff.

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@Awenea welcome to the campaign. This is set somewhere around 5-10 BBY (9-14 years after the collapse of the Republic). You are welcome to use species from the Species Menagerie.

Glad to have you on board @SarcasticSmileyFace. Can’t wait to see your character! Welcome to the campaign.

@Craftidore do you have any restrictions on usage of other books outside the Edge of the Empire line?

Not really @Awenea. If it is SWRPG it is fair game. You just have to come up with a reason why, say, a AoR soldier is working with this heist team.

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I’d like to join as well, if you’ll have me. Probably gonna go Gunslinger or some such spec, as I have a really fun character idea.

Welcome @Delegate_Zero. Glad to have you on board. Can’t wait to see your character!

@Craftidore I was considering either a hutt or a droid as a slicer type character. Either would work well in the criminal underworld heh.

Yup. That sounds great!

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Next question; are we actually making characters at knight level or simply gaining the extra XP without the increased starting credits?

I think “Knight Level” was specific to the FaD CRB, so I didn’t want to use the term here (might be wrong about that, but I don’t want to look it up right now).

However, I did forget to address the concept of extra starting credits. Henceforth, everyone starts with 2000 total credits (instead of 500). This number may be increased by Obligation increases. I’m adding this information to the original post. @Awenea @Delegate_Zero @SarcasticSmileyFace @G_Combustion


And just to clarify, unlike Knight Level, you aren’t limited to 3 ranks in a skill with your extra XP.

Here is Latara the Hutt.

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Just going to drop by and post my first character sheet. Hope it’s passable.

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I gave it a quick once over, looks pretty good to me as a fellow player. Hopefully the GM approves our characters.

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