Update From Edge Stuidos

“We are really excited with the opportunity of working on one of the most beloved IP in the world,” Gilles Garnier, the head of Edge Studio , said. “We want to follow in the footsteps of FFG’s fantastic work over the years, while bringing our own vision of what a Star Wars™ RPG should be.”

Sounds like a new edition is incoming.


WTF? Are you Fing Kiddding Me? Are These People Out of thier Fing Minds?
-Said No One Ever

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Welcome @Gallandro1 ! Thanks for sharing this news. :slight_smile:

Great news. If I’m reading it right. There will be new content eventually not just reprints of current books. This is what I was hoping for. Again great news.

I’m good with reprints and revisions/errata to the existing core rules. I’m over the moon for new products. There is so much untapped Canon material (not to mention the EU) that they can use. I’m on the fence on a second edition just for the sake of new publisher etc etc. I’ve not interest in repurchasing all my books over again.

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@warchild1x ,

You and me both (fellow human), I can’t AFFORD another SW RPG edtion, I am still in the process of trying to complete this FFG SW version at a reasonable price.

I would be ok with a sourcebook with additional updated rule options (thinking of Genesys rule updates). This way you wouldn’t need a 2.0 new set of rules.

But the way I read it. It sounds their planning on adding new new content from the SW universe.


I just hope they release a generic CRB

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To me “our own vision” means a whole new approach and probably new rules.
I spent a lot of money getting all the rulebooks and Sourcebooks and that´s it.

Since their putting a lot of effort and money to do reprints. I don’t think you will see a major rewrite. Sounds like the focus is adding more content. From the commits by edge on their Facebook site. They are having problems (like everyone else) getting books printed. So they are starting with the most needed. They wouldn’t be doing this if they planned a 2.0 rule set.

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What are the odds of a “SW Genesis” book to replace the three core rulebooks (Red, White, Black); sort of like a v1.5 revised edition?

I think this is the mostly scenario if there is a rule update.

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Well, I hope you are right.

The only updates Im worried for is an offical forum of some kind; Right now we still have, what the Question form or Rules Question forms on FFBs website ?

Honestly, I’m fine without an official forum. I like this one, and the community involvement here is significant in making it enjoyable since we can directly suggest adjustments and changes. Having an active mod/admin team is very beneficial, in addition to all the “officially compiled” resources and the like.


True; very well said

A post from one of the FB groups for the game:



Thanks for the update. That’s what I was hoping for.

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In other words, Edge’ll release a new sourcebook of some kind, and also reprints of pretty much everything ?

I say this because out of nowhere F&D is fully stocked on FFGs website, Core, biginner, all sourcebooks and generalised books

It seems they indeed plan a new version with keeping the old one in print.