What's your next character?

Just want to start a discussion on what’s your next character going to be.

For me I was thinking of a Gank Bounty hunter Gadgeteer. I haven’t play one yet. I know bounty hunters are very popular. But I think a Gank would be very interesting to play. My feeling it would be played like Black Noir from “The Boys”. With very little talking. Dark and mysterious.

Currently I play an extremly specialized Twi’lek Technician. Focused on INT and the skills mechanics, computers and medicine.

My next character will probably be a Beasalisk Archaeologist who might become force sensitive down the road. And the character will probably be more broad, I will not focus as much on one or a few characteristics and skills, but have more of a broad set of skills.

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Sullustan Performer that twerks for the Distracting Behavior talent. She is in queue in case my current GM ever kills off my Geonosian Instructor.


Human* Sentinel: Sentry vigilante.

Basic backstory: He ended up on the wrong side of [organization] and had to disappear, leaving his family behind.
Only he didn’t die, and he didn’t leave the planet. Instead, he remains behind, in the shadows, to exact vengeance on [organization] for forcing him from the light, in hopes that he may someday be able to return to it.

Might go for specs like Aggressor or Shadow to supplement, because he’s basically going to be Forcey space-Batman.

Haven’t decided on various points of his backstory yet, but I might adjust it to be that he discovered he was Force-sensitive, and to protect his family, he had to disappear.
Another option would be to make him a survivor of the purge, but that’s been done. A lot.

*Yeah, yeah, I know, bland, but I’ve got actually reasons for it.


I will add a second idea I had for a character.

It would be a Drall Shipwright Engineer. The plan would make him a 3 Agility. This will make him a decent pilot/ co-pilot and a solid range combat skill. This will also make him a balanced character and still a good crafter for the party.

Background would be a Shipwright Engineer in hiding from the Empire (or what ever makes since for the campaign). He will take odd jobs on a ships crew to keep his cover. He will also be pro Rebellion and will attempt to make contact when possible.

Hunter (for Intuitive Shot) and Steel Hand Adept would be good specs to go with that; If trying to lean hard towards Batman.

I’m not leaning hard to Batman, just the “scary vigilante” part.

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Characters? Are they like NPCs?
Sad GM noises


In my opinion NPCs are the GMs characters. So yes if you want to share your ideas.

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Sometimes I use some of my character ideas as inspirations for NPCs, but they are just not on that level.
You can’t detail it that much, can’t have the same attachments to an NPC as your player characters.
That being said my “tough, but honorable” Mercenary Soldier idea ended up a significant NPC in my SOs solo campaign and my Harch separatist ship commander idea became a Black Marketeer in my current campaign.

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Hey, PM me if you’d like to join a PbP.

I agree on the whole “connections to NPCs” thing, but I’ve got several I really like and have various stories about them floating around in my head. Heck, I actually wrote a book about one of them.

A few favorites: Devaronian “Punisher-type” character, a former police detective on Ord Mantell who got fed up with the corruption and decided to clean house his way, a Mandalorian Cuy’val Dar instructor, and several relatively minor NPCs from the clan of one of my PCs.

And of course a couple NPCs who are especially significant to a PC, such as a brother or significant other. They’re like shadow PCs, fully fleshed-out characters who just aren’t in the game as PCs or who may not even have stats.

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I got a bunch, right now I am working on a Tooka

Tooka could be interesting, specialty seeing what it did on Lothal to the Imps.

Tooka automatic skill of BONGOS {basically playing drums on a stormtrooper helmet while said helmet is worn} hads 2 boost to a roll ;)

Seriously though, my Tooka is a 2 meter tall felinelike woman… very pretty, and… skittish… Eyeballs P47’s Mando… Oooo this’ll be fun!


For me, it’ll depend on the campaign concept, which is my starting point in character brainstorming.

But my wife walked through while I was watching the “Tatooine Rhapsody” episode of Visions last night and said, “Now I :wanna play a Hutt in a rock band in some campaign.” :rofl:

Removed reply as I am completely rethinking my responce.

For a pregen, I recommend Vanguard. Has more character off the bat, Heavy takes a lot of building to get to the point of feeling special. You don’t have to be a Heavy to wield heavy weapons.

Committing some necromancy here (because I’m bored).

I run a play-by-post and one of my players is a Protector. I read it over and wondered if any other classes has Force Protection as well, and I found the Ascetic does. Thinking of a combo with those two specs could be interesting. The lone hermit (not the spec) of the forest comes down to protect the town every time the gangs come to cause trouble.

Just thinking up what species would be fun to play with that combo. First inclination would be to use a Brawn species.


Well, wookiee is always there for a huge bodyguard type.

But reading your post, my imagination rahter went for something yoda-like species. Small, agile, looks tiny and weak but has great power in it (Ataru Striker, Force Powers?) Yoda species isn’t official in the system, but maybe the Selonian?

I was leaning to Gigoran after looking at the options. Probably wouldn’t even bump his INT and play it off like nobody knows why he comes and helps sometimes (maybe he barely knows as well). His stoicism stems not from training and discipline, but rather there isn’t much going on upstairs LOL