P-47’s “You’re our only Hope” Advice column🛠

P-47 are there any Ships of colossal size (just smaller than a frigate) that you would consider a Great “Flagship” so to speak? Something balanced in terms of offense and defense. Big enough to move some cargo but small enough to make a turbolasers gunner cross his eyes trying to get a bead on you. The consummate Swiss Army knife. As always Thankyou for your time and input.

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So you’re looking for a corvette?

Consular-Class Light Assault Cruiser (i.e., Charger c70 refit) is one of my personal favorites. Its shields are weak, but it’s very well-armored and almost as durable as a CR90. The armament is dependent on which source you use, with the AoR book giving turbolasers and a supplementary ion cannon and RotS giving primarily laser cannons, but which is better is also dependent on what you’re using it for.

As for intangibles, it positively compares to the CR90 in every category except passenger capacity, requiring far fewer crew and carrying more cargo. It also carries a backup hyperdrive, where the CR90 does not.

All in all, the CR90 might edge the (heavily armed version of the) Consular in a head-to-head fight, but the lower crew requirement of the Consular is excellent for a group with fewer resources.

The main drawback is the cost, but the credit cost for big ships is rarely a major factor since it’s usually granted by some kind of GM fiat anyway.

Honorable mentions for specific circumstances:

  1. The DP-20 is the ultimate corvette combatant, but lacks crew and cargo space. Good “flagship” for a small fleet, but not that great if you want to move around groups of marines, ferry supplies, or land an expeditionary force. It is also crew-intensive.
  2. The Braha’tok is a bit less durable and has less cargo/passenger space, while requiring a far larger crew, but has a very strong and flexible armament, with torpedo and missiles tubes in addition to a mixed anti-ship and anti-fighter cannon armament.
  3. The Hammerhead (or Sphyrna) is worse than the Consular in every respect other than passenger capacity, but it’s cheap. Really, it’s a better supplemental ship built around a flagship. If you had the resources for a mixed fleet, two Hammerhead troop carriers around a DP-20 to dish out pain would work pretty well.
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Dude you’re the best lol. Your advice is top notch. Now what if you were a small time rebel and needed something that could put up a fight and go the distance but could still haul some loot and hit and run? Thankyou as always P-47.

Are you looking for a corvette, a light freighter, or a starfighter?

I’m guessing you’re looking for something in an intermediate size (sil 4-5) that’s cheap?

Hard to get all those qualities in something cheap, so you need to prioritize which elements you want to focus on.

Generally, I’d say there are three tiers of price (cheap, intermediate, expensive) and three emphases (speed, durability, damage). Each emphasis can be graded on a 0-3 scale, with 0 being baseline minimum and 3 being excellent. Cheap price can get you a total of 3, intermediate 6, and expensive 9. That’s a general rule of thumb, not a system, so it won’t apply perfectly to everything (especially not poorly-statted vehicles).

There are other intangibles or side-stats that would play a role in selection, but the basic things you’ll want to look at are speed, durability, and damage.

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Depends on the size of your crew and if you need to launch iconic rebel starfighters.

I would say a YT-1300 or 2400 for a small rebel cell trying to blend into the smugglers and small time freighters of the galaxy, but if you have a large crew or fighter jockeys than a C-Roc Gozanti can be a mobile fighter base and serve multiple other functions.

If you want a spy/logistics ship I would recommend a YV-560 loaded down with stealth systems and covert communications devices as it can hide for long periods of time gathering important passive sensor information and learning a star systems infrastructure.


For a corvette, I’d recommend the Marauder-class. Doesn’t have the cargo of the CR-90 or similar, but the main selling point on that thing is it can hold a squadron of fighters.

For extra fun, the Marauder is frequently used by the Corporate Sector, i.e. that chunk of the Star Wars Galaxy that is extra cyberpunky and the only place you can get all 17 flavors of Nova Cola.

How big of a rebel cell are you working with and more importantly, how do you want to obtain your flag ship?


That is a pretty good rule of thumb Thankyou P47!. I’m thinking somewhere in the light freighter area at the moment maybe something in the middle expense wise that maybe excels at the three areas. Anything that maybe jumps out at you guys?

Sounds like potentially all three could make a pretty diverse but reasonably priced strike group hmm🤔 great answer rat Thankyou very much. Anything in particular you guys would upgrade into a 2400 to make her excel all around?

Lmaooo nova cola is important Trigger. Man I appreciate the answer. We’re a small cell but growing we have a wayfarer/Orphanmaker/ and a small homebrew gunship, but I’m looking for my millennium falcon per say. Anything that sticks out to you that could be a good place to start?

Here’s a list of nine ships that should suit your needs. Some a little more, some a little less, and all need a “personal touch” to ensure there isn’t some intangible weakness you’ll regret (like not enough crew space). A couple of these push the envelope a bit, but I considered them worth inclusion.

The YT-2400 is the best well-rounded option and, really, is underpriced for what it brings. I tend to shy away from the YT-series ships because they are so ubiquitous and overused, but the YT-2400 is a very solid ship.

“Average” parameters:

  • Maneuverability: Speed 3, Handling 0.
  • Durability: Armor 3, HTT 25/Armor 4, HTT 20. 1/1 Defense.
  • Armament: Two turreted weapon mounts.
  • Price: 120,000 (total range considered: 100,000-180,000)
  • Intangibles: Crew should be low, passenger capacity should be high, cargo capacity should be high. I’m going to grade intangibles as a group, so your mileage may vary depending on your needs.

ZH-25 Questor:

  • Maneuverability: 3/-1 (Moderately Low)
  • Durability: 3, 30, 1/1 (Moderately High)
  • Armament: Single turret (4 HP can be used to increase armament) (Low)
  • Affordability: 115,000 (Average)
  • Intangibles: Average


  • Maneuverability: 3/0 (Average)
  • Durability: 4, 25, 1/1 (Moderately High)
  • Armament: Two twin turrets (Moderately High)
  • Affordability: 130,000 (Moderately High)
  • Intangibles: Average

Simiyiar Light Freighter:

  • Maneuverability: 3/0 (Average)
  • Durability: 4, 20, 1/1 (Average)
  • Armament: Turret, fixed (Moderately Low)
  • Affordability: 165,000 (High)
  • Intangibles: Moderately Low

Surronian Conqueror-Class Assault Ship

  • Maneuverability: 3/0 (Average)
  • Durability: 4, 20, 2/2 (Moderately High)
  • Armament: Single twin turret, single twin fixed (Average)
  • Affordability: 100,000 (Low)
  • Intangibles: Very Low.


  • Maneuverability: 3/0 (Average)
  • Durability: 3, 24, 1/1 (Average)
  • Armament: Two twin turrets (Moderately High)
  • Affordability: 120,000 (Average)
  • Intangibles: Moderately High


  • Maneuverability: 3/-1 (Moderately Low)
  • Durability: 3, 22, 1/1 (Moderately Low)
  • Armament: Two turrets (Average)
  • Affordability: 100,000 (Low)
  • Intangibles: Moderately High

Ghtroc 720 Light Freighter:

  • Maneuverability: 3/-2 (Low)
  • Durability: 5, 28, 1/1 (High)
  • Armament: Single twin turret (Low)
  • Affordability: 112,000 (Moderately Low)
  • Intangibles: High


  • Maneuverability: 3/-3 (Low)
  • Durability: 3, 33, 1/1 (Moderately High)
  • Armament: Two twin turrets, one twin fixed (Moderately High)
  • Affordability: 155,000 (Moderately High)
  • Intangibles: High
    (As previous discussed, the VCX should really be sil 4 based on size and behavior)

YV-666 Light Freighter:

  • Maneuverability: 3/-2 (Low)
  • Durability: 3, 30, 2/1 (Moderately High)
  • Armament: Quad turret, twin fixed (Average)
  • Affordability: 132,000 (Moderately High)
  • Intangibles: Moderately High

This is the holy grail Thankyou so much man​:cry::trophy: I’m really pumped to look these all over dude. P47 are you familiar with any of the YV series? Saga edition has next to no info on them but they seem to be the successor of the YT series if I’m not mistaken.

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I am. The YV-666 is one of the ones I mentioned.
The YV-929 is very outside your price range, but is essentially a sil-4 corvette based on its armament and durability. It looks like a fun ship, but it’s never worked out to use it in any campaigns I’ve been a part of.

You’re right on successor, but most of them don’t really resemble the YT series, aside from a couple like the 560.

I’m slightly familiar with the YV-666 seems pretty versatile and I’ll have to see how it stacks up against the others. I’m very interested in the YV-664 but can’t seem to find any information on it especially in the format we use. Looks very reminiscent of the YT series with better armament and cargo capacity, shame there isn’t more info.

Yeah, it’s exclusively from a card game.

It looks like it’d be barely any different from a YT-1300 aside from some improved cargo storage and maybe a loss of modification. Trying to translate a card’s stats into RPG stats is far from an exact science, so I’m basing it off the picture.

Yep lol. The loss of modification is probably a deal breaker. I don’t know if you guys in FFG use emplacement points like in SAGA edition but they’re a god send.

I do not know that system, but is it like how in FFG’s SWRPG you can swap out weapons without consuming hard points? Or are “emplacement points” separate from vehicle modification hard points?

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I think P-47’s list of light freighters covers the options for a “Millennium Falcon” type craft. But I think Ewok already has access to a Wayfarer, which while not on the list is a decent enough starter ship.

The thing to keep in mind about the Millennium Falcon, is that it is a character in its own right. It is a weird clunky ship, but its a home. Is there a loth-cat roaming the halls? Does the caf maker short out once in a while, but it always provides the caffeine the crew needs? What are some of the holos and memorabilia on the walls of the pilot’s room?

Any ship with 4 or more hard points can be modded to whatever you want it to be. Why is a specific ship the one your players call home?

That said, grab the Interior Broadcast Suite and have everyone bicker over the musical playlist.


You guys have been such a great help man I can’t thank you enough for your super insightful and hilarious answers.

   Didn’t have the opportunity quite yet to purchase my “flagship/millennium falcon yet” but sold a a few hundred kilos of a rare ore and made half a million credits. With that I bought five (Tl-1800s) a pretty bare bones transport vessel with small crews of droids to harvest ice and water off a nearby planet in the outer rim to try and make a profit on by our home base in Tattoine.
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Oh, do you have a system for calculating travel times?
I have a fairly detailed system for hyperspace travel times and operational costs, and I thought you might be interested in it. Here’s the spreadsheet, and an explanation:
Hyperspace Calculator (Master Copy).xlsx (28.7 KB)

It’s based on measuring hyperspace distances on a map (at a baseline of 3 hours to cross a grid square in a straight line under ideal conditions) and then adding modifiers, like hyperlane speed, region density, etc. Once you’ve done the one-time setup, you just select your ship, enter the distance, and select a couple options from dropdown menus, and then it gives you your travel time and fuel consumption/price to replenish fuel (based on a basic system of operation costs).

It should be pretty self-explanatory when you’re looking at it, but just be careful with the formulas because if you mess with them they won’t work.


  • I use 3 hours for a grid square, then figure by the length (in inches or centimeters, whichever you prefer) of the grid squares on whatever map I’m using. So 3 inches is 1 hour per inch, .66 inches would be 4 hours per inch.
  • The various reference tables can be expanded and edited as long as you know how Excel works—it’s all modular, just don’t mess with the formulas.
  • The region modifier adds additional granularity, but also complicates things as some routes cover multiple regions. If you wish to ignore it, you can just select the same region for all your routes (just be aware that they have different modifiers).
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Wow … this is awesome holy crap. You must run one mean campaign p47. Do you Dm a lot of games?